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~* Sparkles *~ [Jul. 2nd, 2010|10:23 pm]
~* christina girlson *~
well i got let off punishment early cuz i did a lot of chores n stuff. we were @ my aunt helen's house 2day. she breeds cats n i really wanted one. my daddy bought it 4 me n my whore mom freeked out... WTF?! she said i can't have anymore pets bc of what i did 2 sparkles earlier this year. i celabrate lent every year + i made sparkles celabrate it with me + she died! WTF??? i was sad but i hated wasting my allowance 2 feed her, so i figured lent would save me some money 2 buy some new makeup.

o well, i'm gonna keep the cat anyway n just move in w/ sarah in her new apt. she got kicked out bc my parents found out she's a mormon. i'm gonna be livin w/ her once i drop out of HS this sept.

o well off 2 sleep!!

~* ur best friend *~
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~* The Second Coming of Christina *~ [Jun. 30th, 2010|09:09 am]
~* christina girlson *~
i am back, i see i made a lot of friends here! sarah was right about this whole el jay thing... sadly i was grounded 4 along time bc of what i did 2 that filthy heathen's windows. i had 2 go to teen jail 4 a few months n sarah came 2 try n bail me out w/o my parents finding out LOLOLOLOLOL, but the stupid cops called my parents 1st so they beat sarah there. they were so mad they made me stay in there. not 2 mention, they grounded me yesterday... I HATE MY PARENTS!!

i told the judge i was doing the work of jesus n the dyke just scoffed at me!! how dare she... i had 2 share a room w/ a girl w/ this creepy stare. she kept trying 2 talk about how she broke in2 an animal testing lab and freed them all. o n OMG i told her that she must b a lesbian for loving animals so much LOLOLOLOL!!

WTF? y do that stuff, they r gonna die soon anyway. that's y they were created in the 1st place. w/o them we wouldn't have makeup + styling products 2 look pretty 4 the boys @ youth group, so thank GOD for animal testing!

oh n i became a vegan two months ago b/c i wanna get down to 95 lbs. i'm 115 lbs, omg porker! WTF?

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~* my love 4 jesus *~ [Nov. 10th, 2009|08:22 pm]
~* christina girlson *~
i'm gonna post another poem i wrote!

jesus oh sacred beautiful jesus!
plz cares my sole
that bottomless void
put ur loving comfort
in that hole
yes right there
i feel so much better
knowing that u care!
i can't live w/o ur love
n u can't live w/o mine
the love we share
is so divine!
even tho my evil mother grounded me
for an entire DAY
i wanted 2 thank u
4 making me this way!

ur sister in christ,
~* christina *~
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~* my evil mom *~ [Nov. 10th, 2009|07:31 pm]
~* christina girlson *~
WHATEVER! she just grounded me 4 what i did @ the buffet earlier so i can't go + brake that heathen's windows! that stupid slut! OMG WTF if he dies n goes 2 hell n i couldn't save him?????? :'(

i'm so lost n confused!

ur sister in christ,
~* christina *~
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~* my so-called life *~ [Nov. 10th, 2009|06:45 pm]
~* christina girlson *~
2day i went 2 the buffet w/ my parents + betty + OMG there was this girl in my school + her name is athena. she is so FAT, no wonder i saw her @ the buffet. the little piggie is 5'9" + weights 125 lbs. i walked by her + was all 'hey miss piggie! my daddy's rich + he can loan u money 4 lipo on those fat rolls of urs!' she told me 2 fuck off + die so i thru some of my lettuce @ her... LOL what a dummy!

no wonder every1 makes fun of her + it's not b/c of the fact that she's a goth either! also she always uses filthy language which irks me! she only goes 2 our school b/c her parents force her 2 go.

oh + 2night benji + i r gonna go 2 3rd base.. whatever the hell that means... LOL!
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~* i'm gonna kick demon butt 2moro!!! *~ [Nov. 10th, 2009|02:37 am]
~* christina girlson *~
i called some of my friends n told them about that loser my dad + i saw earlier.

2moro after school we r gonna buy some spraypaint + leave the word of god with him 4ever! LOLOLOLOL!

oh n betty offered 2 brake his windows w/ a bat so i guess we can b friends again.

i still think she's a slut.
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~* repent sinners!!! *~ [Nov. 9th, 2009|11:54 pm]
~* christina girlson *~
me + my dad went door 2 door preaching 2day + we knocked on this devil worshiping pagan's door. he was all 'oh not u stupid jehovah's nutsacks again!" OMGWTF is a nutsack? can some1 tell me? pretty plz? newayz, he started talking about how our religion is oh i'm not even going to repeat what the filthy satanic wickan said to me! but when he wasn't cursing @ us he tried 2 argue that paganism has been around for 50,000+ yrs! i told him that he's going 2 hell b/c he doesn't love jesus + he said that he's a Wickan! ne1 that doesn't love jesus is a devil worshiper + that's just common knowledge! OMG WHATEVER!!

so my dad proved him wrong + pointed out that if the pagans were around 4 that long then y didn't they get mentioned in the bible? also this planet has only been around for 2,009 years b/c that's when jesus made it! LOLOL i bet u actually believe dinosaurs existed + that science is real. i'm so glad i go 2 a school where they don't teach us that stuff. ppl who believe that stuff are MORONS!

we walked away laughing n i called him a stupid HOMO!! my dad was so proud of me, standing up for jesus the way i did. it was such a spirit enriching experience!

i just got home from benji's band practice. his band is called thor's hammer. omg isn't that like, the COOLEST name 4 a band ever?!

oh + we made out in the back of his car 2nite!



ps: i also decided 2 not type the way u want me 2. i could care less if u think i'm some stupid troll!

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~* am i a troll? *~ [Nov. 8th, 2009|04:37 pm]
~* christina girlson *~
well, it turns out some ppl think i'm a troll b/c of how i type.  whatever! i'm a teen, so of course i like to use abbreviations alot, and i still will, whether u like it or not!

since i don't want u ppl jumping the gun on me, i turned on my spell check so stop accusing me of being stupid!!

man, you all sure act like a bunch of LESBOS!

anyway, i was at chuch this morning, and my dad is like so talented! he surprised me and called me up during the middle of one of his songs so i could read my poetry! everyone loved it!


oh, here is one of them that i wrote, so plz give me ur honest feedback! i don't have a name for it yet, but here it is:

jesus i love you
i love spending every waking moment with u
and i know u love spending time with me
which is why i always have you
inside of me.
i can feel you
moving around
oh how i sleep
so peacefully and sound
jesus plz wrap ur loving arms
around me
let the warmth of your loving embrace
surround me
inside of me u live
everyone i must forgive
every day i get on my knees and pray
and i thank you for making me this way!! <33333333333
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~* b4 i go 2 bed *~ [Nov. 8th, 2009|01:19 am]
~* christina girlson *~
i wanna let my new frends now that some1 told me what AIM was so i got n account: christnaluvsgod

omg i can't w8 4 church 2mrw bc were all gonna b singin songz of praze n worshiop that my dad wrote.

sorry 4 bad typing im tried so god bless all of my str8 frends <333333

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(no subject) [Nov. 7th, 2009|01:08 pm]
~* christina girlson *~
[Current Mood |indescribableindescribable]

ugh, im NEVER talkin 2 betty again. EVER!

we had a sleepover with sum freinds n yes there wuz boyz there bc her parents were away LOL!

i got my peroid n i didn't have any pads with me so i asked betty if she had any n she LOL at me n handed me a tampon WTF?? doesn't she know that i'm against tampons?? tampons clearly are tools of satan in disaguise bc they're cotton penises!! it's like having premartial sex... with satan!!

im sorry but im not gona let satan take my virginity from me n penetrate me 2 use me as a tool 2 branwash others! i was so upset, i called my mom at 4 am n demanded that she come get me 2 get me out of this demonic witch house!!

well on mon i'm gonna go n tell all the ppl in our private school dat betty's a satanic slutbag n when she dies n gos 2 hell i'm gonna look down from heaven + laff at her... LOLOLOL!!!

also there wuz this realy creepy girl there who kept smiling at me... OMG LESBO!!!

i luv jesus n i'm not gonna let the devil tempt me into living in the flesh bc god made me this way... CLEARLY!!
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