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me + my dad went door 2 door preaching 2day + we knocked on this devil worshiping pagan's door. he was all 'oh not u stupid jehovah's nutsacks again!" OMGWTF is a nutsack? can some1 tell me? pretty plz? newayz, he started talking about how our religion is oh i'm not even going to repeat what the filthy satanic wickan said to me! but when he wasn't cursing @ us he tried 2 argue that paganism has been around for 50,000+ yrs! i told him that he's going 2 hell b/c he doesn't love jesus + he said that he's a Wickan! ne1 that doesn't love jesus is a devil worshiper + that's just common knowledge! OMG WHATEVER!!

so my dad proved him wrong + pointed out that if the pagans were around 4 that long then y didn't they get mentioned in the bible? also this planet has only been around for 2,009 years b/c that's when jesus made it! LOLOL i bet u actually believe dinosaurs existed + that science is real. i'm so glad i go 2 a school where they don't teach us that stuff. ppl who believe that stuff are MORONS!

we walked away laughing n i called him a stupid HOMO!! my dad was so proud of me, standing up for jesus the way i did. it was such a spirit enriching experience!

i just got home from benji's band practice. his band is called thor's hammer. omg isn't that like, the COOLEST name 4 a band ever?!

oh + we made out in the back of his car 2nite!



ps: i also decided 2 not type the way u want me 2. i could care less if u think i'm some stupid troll!

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