~* christina girlson *~ (christ_in_a_grl) wrote,
~* christina girlson *~

~* The Second Coming of Christina *~

i am back, i see i made a lot of friends here! sarah was right about this whole el jay thing... sadly i was grounded 4 along time bc of what i did 2 that filthy heathen's windows. i had 2 go to teen jail 4 a few months n sarah came 2 try n bail me out w/o my parents finding out LOLOLOLOLOL, but the stupid cops called my parents 1st so they beat sarah there. they were so mad they made me stay in there. not 2 mention, they grounded me yesterday... I HATE MY PARENTS!!

i told the judge i was doing the work of jesus n the dyke just scoffed at me!! how dare she... i had 2 share a room w/ a girl w/ this creepy stare. she kept trying 2 talk about how she broke in2 an animal testing lab and freed them all. o n OMG i told her that she must b a lesbian for loving animals so much LOLOLOLOL!!

WTF? y do that stuff, they r gonna die soon anyway. that's y they were created in the 1st place. w/o them we wouldn't have makeup + styling products 2 look pretty 4 the boys @ youth group, so thank GOD for animal testing!

oh n i became a vegan two months ago b/c i wanna get down to 95 lbs. i'm 115 lbs, omg porker! WTF?

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