~* christina girlson *~ (christ_in_a_grl) wrote,
~* christina girlson *~

~* Sparkles *~

well i got let off punishment early cuz i did a lot of chores n stuff. we were @ my aunt helen's house 2day. she breeds cats n i really wanted one. my daddy bought it 4 me n my whore mom freeked out... WTF?! she said i can't have anymore pets bc of what i did 2 sparkles earlier this year. i celabrate lent every year + i made sparkles celabrate it with me + she died! WTF??? i was sad but i hated wasting my allowance 2 feed her, so i figured lent would save me some money 2 buy some new makeup.

o well, i'm gonna keep the cat anyway n just move in w/ sarah in her new apt. she got kicked out bc my parents found out she's a mormon. i'm gonna be livin w/ her once i drop out of HS this sept.

o well off 2 sleep!!

~* ur best friend *~
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