~* christina girlson *~ (christ_in_a_grl) wrote,
~* christina girlson *~

~* am i a troll? *~

well, it turns out some ppl think i'm a troll b/c of how i type.  whatever! i'm a teen, so of course i like to use abbreviations alot, and i still will, whether u like it or not!

since i don't want u ppl jumping the gun on me, i turned on my spell check so stop accusing me of being stupid!!

man, you all sure act like a bunch of LESBOS!

anyway, i was at chuch this morning, and my dad is like so talented! he surprised me and called me up during the middle of one of his songs so i could read my poetry! everyone loved it!


oh, here is one of them that i wrote, so plz give me ur honest feedback! i don't have a name for it yet, but here it is:

jesus i love you
i love spending every waking moment with u
and i know u love spending time with me
which is why i always have you
inside of me.
i can feel you
moving around
oh how i sleep
so peacefully and sound
jesus plz wrap ur loving arms
around me
let the warmth of your loving embrace
surround me
inside of me u live
everyone i must forgive
every day i get on my knees and pray
and i thank you for making me this way!! <33333333333
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This is a joke, right?
ummmm no, why would it b?
Because I find it completely unbelievable that you have gone through 16 years of life being so ignorant, uneducated and blinded by a faith I am almost certain you don't actually understand.
ur the 1 who's blinded by the devil, not me!
You poor, poor thing.

If there was a God, I can not imagine he would want you in heaven. Hopefully, you'll grow out of this little judgmental, close-minded thing you're in.

Either that, or you're someone mocking Christian's, and if that's it, then... lol
um, the bible says ur suposed 2 b narrow minded + there's no ifs about god existing b/c he does!
Have you read the entire bible?

& while we're at it...

a.) Human beings wrote the bible.
b.) Since, according to Christianity, all humans are sinners & they are all unperfect, if human's wrote the bible (the apostles, I believe. I could be wrong) why would you follow something that isn't the direct word of God?

This is all assuming that you have read the whole thing.
god wrote the bible... CLEARLY!
Haha, okay I give up. How old are you, by the way?
Okay. Well, hopefully you'll grow up (& learn God didn't put a pen to paper & write the Goddamn bible. Wow.)

um i pray u change ur mind. god didn't use a pen b/c his spirit spoke the words 4 him. he is perfect n if he thinks of a book, it'll appear..


8 years ago


7 years ago

LMAO that your dad was proud for calling someone a homo. i don't care have fucking religious you or family is, but i don't think ANY father in his right mind would be proud of his own daughter being so degrading. get a fucking life and grow the fuck up, you dumb bitch.
u shut the fuck up!
amazing come back.