~* christina girlson *~ (christ_in_a_grl) wrote,
~* christina girlson *~

~* am i a troll? *~

well, it turns out some ppl think i'm a troll b/c of how i type.  whatever! i'm a teen, so of course i like to use abbreviations alot, and i still will, whether u like it or not!

since i don't want u ppl jumping the gun on me, i turned on my spell check so stop accusing me of being stupid!!

man, you all sure act like a bunch of LESBOS!

anyway, i was at chuch this morning, and my dad is like so talented! he surprised me and called me up during the middle of one of his songs so i could read my poetry! everyone loved it!


oh, here is one of them that i wrote, so plz give me ur honest feedback! i don't have a name for it yet, but here it is:

jesus i love you
i love spending every waking moment with u
and i know u love spending time with me
which is why i always have you
inside of me.
i can feel you
moving around
oh how i sleep
so peacefully and sound
jesus plz wrap ur loving arms
around me
let the warmth of your loving embrace
surround me
inside of me u live
everyone i must forgive
every day i get on my knees and pray
and i thank you for making me this way!! <33333333333
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