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ugh, im NEVER talkin 2 betty again. EVER!

we had a sleepover with sum freinds n yes there wuz boyz there bc her parents were away LOL!

i got my peroid n i didn't have any pads with me so i asked betty if she had any n she LOL at me n handed me a tampon WTF?? doesn't she know that i'm against tampons?? tampons clearly are tools of satan in disaguise bc they're cotton penises!! it's like having premartial sex... with satan!!

im sorry but im not gona let satan take my virginity from me n penetrate me 2 use me as a tool 2 branwash others! i was so upset, i called my mom at 4 am n demanded that she come get me 2 get me out of this demonic witch house!!

well on mon i'm gonna go n tell all the ppl in our private school dat betty's a satanic slutbag n when she dies n gos 2 hell i'm gonna look down from heaven + laff at her... LOLOLOL!!!

also there wuz this realy creepy girl there who kept smiling at me... OMG LESBO!!!

i luv jesus n i'm not gonna let the devil tempt me into living in the flesh bc god made me this way... CLEARLY!!
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